R Venkatesh (Venki) Iyer has spent a substantial part of his life trying to figure out human beings and the best we can say at this point in time in his favour is that his endeavor is still work in progress and that he has been on this planet for a considerable amount of time. His claims of other planets and satellites are unverified.

Along the way, he has developed a nuanced insight into people and organisations the hard way – by making mistakes ( which is what he is best at doing ) . A hit and trial artist and a natural paddler against the tide, his progress is often unpredictable and unravels in fits and bursts. However, there is a method to his madness, a contagious brand of lunacy that he can infect people with and in the process guide their metamorphosis into becoming better human beings and leaders.

His own life and those of countless others testify to the reward and impact of his coaching. And to make matters worse, he happens to thoroughly enjoy his work.

As a Senior Partner at Vyaktitva (serious face or else he may get summarily suspended and defenestrated forthwith) he works with  organisations in accelerating change in both people as a Coach and Leadership Teams as facilitator. This he does along with many kindred souls at Vyaktitva.

When he is not coaching, he can be found walking in the hills, buried under a pile of books or humming a Rafi song..